What we do

Meli Bees Network gUG, inspired by the Meliponini bees, aims to create environmentally and economically sustainable activities that allows both land and people to flourish.

We support traditional communities in the development of regenerative practices in the most endangered areas of the Amazon and connect native bees with regenerative agriculture, environmental education, and knowledge generation to develop new livelihood opportunities:

Our projects

To act in our activity fields, we develop projects regarding Meliponiculture (native stingless bees), Bees and Regeneration and Bees and Education.

You can also get involved and support us to develop such projects!

Our impact

Our projects focus in positively impact (1) local biodiversity, (2) community resilience (3) scientific research, (4) education and cultural heritage conservation, (5) food sovereignty and (6) economic security.

Who we are

Meli was started by a new generation of Amazonian leaders who have witnessed first-hand the rapid destruction of our home in the last decades. We see the need to strength the protection and regeneration in our area, acknowledging social and environmental questions.

Meli Bees Network gUG was founded as a not-for-profit organisation based in Germany. We develop, implement and coordinate projects to inspire and to build agricultural and commercial capabilities needed within the local community to support a thriving environment and bee-farming activity.

Ana Rosa de Lima

Ana is engineer and podcaster. Raised in the Amazon, she has lived on three different continents and sees her "home's" global importance. She believes it's important to address both environmental and social questions for land and people to flourish.

Ana Rosa de Lima

Cynthia Rabelo

Cynthia is pedagogue and storyteller born and raised between the rivers Negro and Solimões. She builds deep relationships in the communities to celebrate and honour the Amazonian heritage while developing collaborative educational work.

Cynthia Rabelo

Bees and Education Leader
Patricia Nunes Silva

Biologist, master in Ecology, PhD in Entomology and science disseminator. Patrícia studies bee biology and ecology since 2002. In 2020 she started "louca das abelhas" on social media. Her research focuses on stingless bees's foraging behaviour.

Patricia Nunes Silva

Bees Expert
Sina von der Heyde

Sina is a Forestry student raised in Portugal, where she learned to love and appreciate nature. She is passionate about global justice, believing that reconnecting to nature will solve environmental issues and bring humans all over the world closer.

Sina von der Heyde

Pablo Neri

Pablo Neri is son of agrarian reform settlers (assentados) from eastern Amazon. Historian specialist in Economics and Agrarian Development. He is actively engaged with rural communities, contributing to workers' associations and cooperatives.

Pablo Neri

Community Engagement - Campesinos
Dorília Cunha

Dori was born in an Amazonian quilombola community and as a geologist, she researches the relationship between rivers and forest. She is interested in works that strengthen traditional peoples, especially quilombo remnants.

Dorília Cunha

Community Engagement - Quilombolas

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