Meli Bees Network gUG is an independent organization that engages & empowers Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in vulnerable areas. We, collectively, lead a bottom-up process of environmental regeneration of ancestral territories for climate justice.

We engage and dream together with +60 indigenous and local communities, connect them amongst peers and partners to fund community-led projects.

Our goal is to promote the autonomy of the territories through projects aimed at the management, creation of forests and environmentally balanced biomes for the promotion of life and human dignity of the communities.

What we do

At Meli, we are driven by a profound commitment to empower indigenous and local communities at the forefront of environmental regeneration. We actively empower them through network building, support for community-led projects, and amplifying community voices. We champion grassroots climate justice, connecting and engaging communities worldwide through the programs:

Why stingless bees?

We are inspired by Meliponini bees, the native pollinators because:

  • They are local biodiversity
  • Are connected with indigenous wisdom
  • Live within cohesive hives
  • They secure their livelihood
  • …While doing crucial ecosystem services!

Just like the bees, we support activities with positive impact on local biodiversity for land and people to flourish.


We engage communities in the following biomes:

  • Amazon
  • Cerrado
  • Mata Atlântica
  • Caatinga
  • Pantanal
  • Transition zone Amazon/Cerrado

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Our Connections

The following groups and/or their members are a part of our journey:

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Our Impact

Our projects positively impact (1) local biodiversity, (2) community resilience, (3) citizen science, (4) education and cultural heritage conservation, (5) food sovereignty and (6) economic security.

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