What we do

Meli Bees Network gUG involves communities in some of the most endangered areas of the Amazon to participate in an international network to, inspired by the Meliponini bees, create environmentally and economically sustainable activities that allows both land and people to flourish.

We build an impact network that start focused on building a strong relationship with the engaged communities, to support the communities in the development of regenerative practices in the most endangered areas of the Amazon, such as native beekeeping, regenerative agriculture, and forest protection, for the communities reach the financial sustainability and empowerment.

At the same time, we are constantly engaged to strengthen the Amazonian voices and bring information to create international awareness about the most endangered areas of the Amazon.


Our Impact

Our projects positively impact (1) local biodiversity, (2) community resilience, (3) scientific research, (4) education and cultural heritage conservation, (5) food sovereignty and (6) economic security.

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