You can share your love for #Bees and for the #Amazon – and be sure your donation will go straight to where it’s needed.
With a tax-deductible donation, you can help us protect the primary forest and regenerate the previously degraded areas, in the most endangered areas of the Amazon!

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– Protect the planet
– Access to newsletter and privileged virtual content
– Can receive Meli thank you box with gifts from our projects (postcards, t-shirt, paintings, notebook, etc.).
– Support projects related to:

– Training on beekeeping
– Establishment of “Beehouse” (melipon├írio)
– Monitoring meliponiculture activities.

Bees and Education
– Meliponiculture
– Education support
– Development of education material

Bees and Regeneration

– Meliponiculture
– Regenerative Agriculture set-up and training
– Development, coordination and monitoring of Regenerative Agriculture.

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