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Connect and Empower communities leading Impact

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Meli thrives within an Impact Network that centers on the strength of community collaboration. The Network actively engages indigenous and local communities in vulnerable regions amongst peers and partners. It serves as a vibrant hub connecting over 50 communities, nurturing meaningful connections and forging partnerships.

At the core of this program lies the empowerment of community leaders by equipping them with the skills to drive change. The program hosts activities designed to empower them to lead sustainable practices, exchange knowledge with each other, and share inspiration.

Within our network, communities engage in meaningful exchanges with their peers. They connect, share experiences, and pass on wisdom to each other, fostering a rich atmosphere of collaboration and mutual support. As we move forward, we eagerly explore new avenues and initiatives that amplify community leadership in pursuit of a more sustainable and equitable future.

Specific Programs

Webs of the Earth, A Network Strengthening the Roots of Biodiversity
Bees and Communities, Strengthen Stingless Beekeeping around the world
BioCultural Tapestry: Cultural Strengthening and Storytelling


Check in our blog, some of the activities we hold to

Example of Activities

Community Online Meetings
Community Networks
Ideas Workshop
Storytelling Workshops


The Network includes indigenous, peasant/campesino, quilombola and foraging communities:

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