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Strengthen Stingless Beekeeping around the world

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Inspired by the incredible world of stingless bees, native to tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, Meli proudly presents the “Bees & Community” program. This unique initiative connects diverse communities from indigenous, maroon, foraging, and smallholder backgrounds on a global scale, fostering their collective engagement in topics of utmost importance to native beekeeping.

Within this program, we facilitate a vibrant exchange of knowledge and experiences, bridging cultures and traditions. Through interactive discussions, shared insights, and collaborative initiatives, these communities find common ground in their dedication to preserving stingless bees and their vital ecosystems. Together, they shape a harmonious future where native beekeeping practices, known as meliponiculture, take center stage.

By strengthening meliponiculture practices, “Bees and Community” not only empowers communities but also has a profoundly positive impact on local biodiversity. These practices promote ecological balance, enhance pollination services, and contribute to the conservation of endangered native bee species. This program is a testament to the power of unity across borders and backgrounds, empowering communities to safeguard these remarkable creatures and create a more sustainable and biodiverse world.


Communities engaged in Meli where they develop meliponiculture:

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