Meliponicultors in Nature: Flourishing in Campo de Perizes

The activities in the village of Campo de Perizes are already bearing fruit! The meliponary construction project in the community is not only rooting local biodiversity, but also promoting improvements in ecosystem services, offering more sustainability and a new source of income for everyone. Let’s explore the achievements so far.

Author: Sílvia Lomba
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The ‘Meliponicultors in Nature’ project is already a success, with 10 boxes of Tiúba stingless bees (Melipona compressipes), and the community already has ambitious plans to expand.

The Residents’ Association joined forces with the local city hall and Codevasf, multiplying the positive impacts of the project. Together, they held a 5-day workshop that involved young people, adults and the elderly in valuable learning about the management of stingless bee colonies. From capturing to dividing colonies, building boxes and producing honey, the workshop was a dive into the world of meliponiculture. “The workshop was excellent, a very good experience. This weekend I was visiting some families who participated and were already asking when there would be another one, and they will no longer be left out,” reported Ana Maria, resident of the village and leader of the project. Residents report that they did not know that these bees produced so much honey and that this learning was very important for them.

Despite the incredible results so far, the Residents Association is eager for more. The next steps include expanding the meliponary with new boxes. Furthermore, the community is exploring new possibilities, such as the production of cosmetics and other products derived from honey. The association is already talking to Codevasf to hold a course focused on this type of production. An initiative that not only seeks sustainability, but also seeks to distribute part of this prosperity to the workshop participants, sharing the sweetness of collective success. 

Campo de Perizes is flourishing with stingless bees and community unity. This project isn’t just about honey, it’s about creating a future where nature and people thrive together. “We had the dream of raising these bees, but we didn’t know how to manage them. The course gave us this strength. And now we have this partnership to support us” said Ana Maria. The path is paved, and each box of bees is a step closer to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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