Webs of the Earth

A Network Strengthening the Roots of Biodiversity

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An innovative web connecting and strengthening diverse traditional communities working with agroforestry practices in harmony with their cultural roots and local biodiversity.

By strengthening the participating communities, we seek to boost: (1) the cultivation of healthy food, (2) local biodiversity, (3) the restoration of ecosystems, (4) socio-environmental resilience and (5) the communities’ cultural ties to the land.

The program leverages sustainable innovations, empowering these communities to thrive while caring for the health of the land that sustains us all.


Between September 14 and 16, the II Workshop on Agroforestry Systems will take place in the village of Zutíua, Araribóia indigenous territory, Maranhão. It will be attended by various indigenous and peasant communities from the network, from Maranhão, Pará and Tocantins, and facilitated by Rizosfera Consultoria Agroecológica.


The Network includes indigenous, peasant/campesino and foraging communities:


II Workshop on Agroforestry Systems – Zutíua village, Araribóia, Maranhão (2023)

I Workshop on Agroforestry Systems – Frei Henri Community, Curionópolis, Pará (2022)