“At first I thought I was fighting to save the rubber trees.
Then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon rainforest.
Now I realize that I’m fighting for humanity.”
Chico Mendes

For the health of our planet, it is urgent to protect the Amazon and partner with the guardians who are actively taking care of the forest. At Meli, we understand the first step to support a region is to understand the local context and listen to the local voices to find more about the local challenges and learn about the potential ways to lead positive impact.

We invite you to listen to the Amazon Voices in some of the most endangered areas of the region. This event will re-signify the region previously known as arc of deforestation and focus on the creation of an Arc of Regeneration in the Brazilian states Maranhão and Pará.

The I International Decolonial Journey – Focus Region: Amazon Arc of Regeneration has this goal: invite you, in many different locations across the globe, to connect and learn about the focus region. And the local communities will be our guides in this journey.

Preliminary Program

During the event, 5 topics will guide our activities:

#Journey: Learn about some of the most endangered areas of the Amazon –and see the activities helping this area to flourish again!
#AmazonVoices: Bring Amazonian voices to the center of the conversation.
#Decolonize: Let’s build, together, a decolonial mindset.
#Nature: Find ways to connect with the nature around you.
#Connect: Connect with the other participants and feel engaged in the event.

Event Locations

The event will be decentralised and happen in many different locations – check if one of the locations is close to you:

Locations at Focus Areas

Bom Jesus do Tocantins-PA
Nova Ipixuna-PA
São Luís-MA

Other Locations

Ochsenhausen (DE)
Hamburg (DE)
Freiburg (DE)
Düsseldorf (DE)
Uppsala (SE)
Ohio (US)
Texas (US)
London (EN)
Lisbon (PT)

Are you interested on leading one event in a new location? Reach us at: hello@meli-bees.org


Check the partners who made this event possible: