Meli Bees
Everything starts with the bees.
We foster the care and management of diverse native bee species, together with the best available technology and producing scientific knowledge.

Meli Geo
Meli uses geotechnologies to protect and monitore the large areas of forest and regenerative agriculture, home of our bees.

Meli Education
Environmental education is essencial to a real regenerative change.
We develop projects to work with the local communities and schools to spread the knowledge about the native bees in the Amazon area.

Meli Communication
Let’s talk!
Meli has a close contact both with local communities and international audience and for that we need to produce a high quality content.

Meli ReAg
Regenerative agriculture is the base for our meliponiculture projects.
Working with the floral preferences of the native bees, we achieve a high productive of our fields.