Expanding Horizons: Meli Bees’ Journey Beyond Borders for Climate Justice

Explore our journey into new territories as we champion the voices of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in our fight for climate justice. This post highlights engaging stories from Sápmi, Peru, and Mexico, where traditional wisdom merges with our regenerative efforts, propelling our mission forward.

Author: Laura Soto

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At Meli Bees, our mission to empower indigenous communities through regenerative and environmental preservation activities has taken a significant leap forward. Operating originally in Brazil, where we’ve established a robust network of over 60 communities, we are now extending our wings into other Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. This expansion is not just geographical but also a deepening of our cultural and environmental commitment, aimed at bringing our innovative approaches to a wider audience and learning from the rich cultural tapestries of new regions.

Our journey of expansion and cultural exchange is punctuated by our bi-weekly Friday meetings. These gatherings are more than just meetings; they are a celebration of diversity, resilience, and the shared commitment to regeneration and climate justice. Each session serves as a vibrant platform for voices from our network, allowing members to share their cultures, languages, traditions, and innovative practices.

In recent sessions, we’ve been privileged to hear from three remarkable advocates from communities outside Brazil, each championing the cause of environmental stewardship and cultural preservation:

Sof’ Elle Beaivvi Mira from the Sámi people of Sápmi, which extends across Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. As an intern at Meli Bees, Mira is applying her academic focus in North Sámi language to our projects, bringing invaluable insights into both the traditional and contemporary practices of her people. During her presentation, she highlighted how these practices are intrinsically linked to environmental stewardship and climate resilience, from nomadic reindeer herding to sustainable fishing and hunting. Her presentation included an exploration of Sámi poetry and traditional clothing, alongside a discussion on their historical and ongoing rights movements, reflecting a community deeply engaged in preserving their environmental and cultural heritage.

Shirlley Mamani from the Aymara community in Peru, a recent fellow in our Pollinators program, emphasized the spiritual and reciprocal relationship her people maintain with the earth. She detailed how traditional Aymara agricultural and livestock practices are deeply embedded with spiritual values, demonstrating a holistic approach to land stewardship that has sustained their community for generations. Shirlley’s insights shed light on the importance of cultural traditions in promoting ecological balance and resilience.

Laura Soto, our Global Growth Director from Mexico City, delved into the Nahua culture, descendants of the Mexicas (Aztecs). Laura shared how the Nahua people have influenced global culture and language, with contributions such as “chocolate,” “avocado,” and “tomato.” She also highlighted local practices like the Day of the Dead and the chinampas farming technique—a model of sustainable agriculture that utilizes floating gardens to maximize land and water use without degrading the environment.

These presentations not only enrich our understanding and appreciation but also highlight the pivotal role that indigenous wisdom and practices play in addressing global environmental challenges. As Meli Bees continues to evolve, we are committed to fostering a movement that respects and revitalizes indigenous cultures and environments.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we collaborate, learn, and grow together in the spirit of regeneration and climate justice. Together, we are not just responding to climate change; we are actively crafting a sustainable future, guided by the wisdom of those who have lived in harmony with the earth for generations.

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