Our (online) adventure is about to start!

Let’s understand more about Meli’s roots with an online-tour around some of the most endangered areas of the region? Follow us!

Author: Ana Rosa de Lima

Hi there, I have a very special invitation for you now: to come with Meli on an online trip to learn about and positively impact some of the most endangered areas of the Amazon!

The Covid-19 pandemic hit Brazil very strongly. There is still an increase of deaths (it’s March 2021) and we need to be extremely careful in this difficult scenario. But we understand to “travel” is to connect with the local reality – and we can do regardless of our physical location! Let’s learn about the beauties, challenges and experiences in this complex area!

We’ll guide you around Meli’s home. We will show where our projects are starting and bring the voices of the Meli Ambassadors from the local communities to share with you about their realities. We’ll also bring you an historical perspective, to help you understand the puzzle of diversity which construct this area.

And you can have this experience in the best way to do so during a world pandemic: from your computer!

What should you expect from that trip?

The Amazon is an urban forest, where more than 30 million people live. And the protection of the forest and its biodiversity is only possible if we put these people at the center of the conversation. Their culture, their history, their experience and their knowledge.

Come with us to experience the Human Amazon.

A forest is not a tree plantation, it’s biodiversity is the real game changer. And in the Amazon it is particularly exuberant, as we are talking about the most biodiverse place in the world.

Come with us to discover the beauty of the Biodiverse Amazon

We will show you the local situation giving voice to traditional communities. We will show the activities that are being developed and the impacts that Meli seeks to achieve.

Come see what motivates our work

A little bit of where this online trip will bring you:
– Two capitals: São Luís and Belém
– Mining and cattle frontiers: Marabá, Parauapebas, Açailândia, Eldorado.
– Traditional black community: Quilombo Bracinho do Icatu.
– Indigenous territories: Xikrin do Cateté, Araribóia, Gaviões.

*How can you join this trip?*
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