Periods and sustainability go together! Meet Pinke Welle, Meli’s partner.

Let’s talk openly about menstruation and bring sustainability very close to our nature.

Author: Ana Rosa
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During one of our talks with the women group of the Quilombola community in Bracinho do Icatu, with whom we’re developing a project together, we mention a topic that should be normalized: menstruation. What to use during this period? Pads, tampons, menstruation cups or period underwear? What’s their environmental impact? What about the confort? We came, together, to the conclusion that period underwears could be a great solution for them to decrease their waste production in Bracinho do Icatu. That’s when we met Pinke Welle, a female founded company, based in South Germany.

They offer washable and reusable period underwear, a sustainable alternative to disposable products such as tampons, pads and incontinence pads. PinkeWelle’s goal is to reduce the consumption of disposable products in the feminine hygiene sector and to bring about a change in thinking towards more sustainability and environmental protection. And guess what: they donated 20 period underwear to the Quilombola women in Bracinho do Icatu, showing the beginning of our partnership!

Period underwear can be used during menstruation, washed, and reused!
Pinke Welle underpants are PETA approved, vegan, biocide-free and without silver or zinc pyrithione. The Wellenreiter is the model coming to the Amazon and (besides matching Meli’s color!) holds up to 30ml of fluid, about the same as 3 normal tampons.

Once Meli Bees Network and Pinke Welle are located in the same German state, I had the pleasure to meet the company’s founder and CEO, Susanne Roos Lima. I visited her beautiful family, which also has a German/Brazilian connection,  and I could see we share important values.

I had the pleasure of meeting the company’s founder and CEO, Susanne Roos Lima. I visited her beautiful family, who also have an Alamenha / Brasil connection, I had great conversations and I could see that we share important values.

Every menstruating woman produces 152kg of waste in her lifetime through her menstrual hygiene products and that is in Germany alone! It takes a whole 500 years for this waste to decompose! There are better solutions.
We need to talk openly about menstruation and find the solutions that best fit our body. Menstruation and sustainability can go together!

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