Pollinators Fellowship

Empower communities develop regenerative Projects

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Enabling indigenous & local communities transform their ideas into scalable projects – putting their interests, needs and aspirations at the project’s heart – to lead regenerative solutions strengthening communities involved, and valuing local culture and biodiversity.

We support projects led by communities, ensuring their buy-in, thereby delivering long-term social and environmental gains and leading a bottom-up movement for climate justice. The entire program is built in a relationship of trust and collective learning within the network of different communities from diverse biomes.

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How we do that?

  • We share frameworks for ideations happening internally in the communities
  • We support the structuring of projects through capacity building and 1-to-1 mentoring 
  • We facilitate partnership pathways between experts from other communities and external partners
  • With partners support, we fund community-led projects based on our values.
  • We prepare spaces for exchanges between communities:

– In-person workshops
– Frameworks for participatory workshops
– Interviews of community leaders

– Online messages exchange groups
– Online meetings engaging all communities


  • Impact Network: Creating a network with connections strengthening the communities.
  • Strong communities: We believe that strong communities are great change-makers!
  • Wellbeing: Communities with autonomy that define what wellbeing is for them.
  • Local biodiversity: Local species are the basis to strengthen and/or regenerate the biodiversity.
  • Living culture: We support culture connected to good living and local biodiversity.

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