Together we value Stingless Bees!

Learn about Endangered Wildlife OÜ, a partner Startup that is calculating the value of Stingless Bees!

Author: Ana Rosa
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The awareness about the importance of bees and their ecological services is rising as people learn about how crucial these pollinators are to a healthy environment.
Nevertheless, if we quantify this value we can present a concrete and understandable image to the public. And Endangered Wildlife OÜ will support us to value the impact of Melipona seminigra pernigra, Melipona fasciculata and Frieseomelitta longipes, three native bee species in the Amazon!

Shana Gavron, the founder and CEO of Endangered Wildlife OÜ, says the organisation “is a disruptive Tech4Good SaaS startup that has developed a way to value individual species of biodiversity in any location in a practical and user friendly manner. The company is thereby redefining the way in which biodiversity is valued by placing a justifiable financial value on biodiversity —  a key step towards conserving our planet.”

The calculation of a financial value for localized biodiversity provides stakeholders with a relatable measure that helps them understand the importance of biodiversity and the environment. It also helps conservation projects to be accessible to both investors and concerned global citizens who want to make a real, measurable impact on the state of our Earth’s precious biodiversity.

In the companies opinion it is time to disrupt the existing conservation finance market and further elevate biodiversity into a global responsibility. While conversation is heavily dependent on governments, philanthropy and donations, it is necessary to increase our shared responsibility to stop climate change, poaching, pollution, loss of habitat and mass extinctions, including financial, corporate and private firms.  

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