Meli’s first project: Mejkangati

Let’s talk about Meli’s first project: Mejkangati.

Mejkangati also represents the start of the Meli  (before it even had a name!). During informal talks between the new generation of leaders in the Amazon area, Bepunu Kayapó signalised the interest in beekeeping his community, Môjkàrakô, has.

In the next step to make this wish possible, the Meli team connected with a local University in the Amazon area, IFPA – Campus Rural de Marabá, and with Associação Floresta Protegida, who gave us the support to work with the Môjkàràkô village – the project started to get ready to be developed!

To be able to start this collective dream, just another connection was missing: the supporters of our first crowdfunding campaign (especial thanks to Apenã Podcast and many other Brazilian Podcasts). This enable two workshops to take place.

The first workshop happened at IFPA – Campus Rural de Marabá, where Bepunu, Pajakan and Kēngàti Kayapó were for two full days, learning about meliponiculture with specialists from the field:

The second workshop took place in their own village, Môjkàràkô. Bee specialists visited the local community and, with the help from the indigenous who previously attended the course, taught beekeeping to all the interested members of their village, as well neighbour indigenous villages in the Kayapó Indigenous area.

Workshop Mejkangati at Môjkàràkô indigenous village

During our visit to Môjkàràkô, Kēngàti Kayapó left a message:

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